saves time and saves money


You want to know that you are buying energy as cost effectively as possible. You can tackle this yourself or you can leave it to a professional. Outsourcing the management of your energy portfolio may seem like a huge step. So it is reassuring to know that EnergieLive operates entirely independently and puts its customers first. We take the time to understand your organisation so we can meet your needs and requirements. This is our strength. We operate transparently and we do what we promise. No more and no less.

You leave everything to us. We leave you in control!

EnergieLive saves you time and money. This is what we do, this is what we stand for, and this is how we add value.
We take care of all aspects of your energy procurement. We enable you to achieve substantial savings on your annual energy costs by determining the right time to buy and by negotiating the most competitive prices and the most favourable energy supply conditions.

Our team of expert, enthusiastic and experienced energy specialists are at your service. They will give your energy portfolio the attention it deserves!

Our clients about EnergieLive

“EnergieLive has provided the Rijksmuseum with energy procurement advice since 2008. The advantages...
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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Karen Keeman
“We actually have sufficient in-house knowledge ourselves, but nevertheless I still like to make...
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HealthCity International
Gerard van Medevoort
"We have enjoyed a very good working relationship with EnergieLive for many years. Having a professional...
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Apollo Hotels & Resorts
Robert van Mol
“EnergieLive contributes to our objectives within De Key’s sustainability policy. The industry-specific...
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Woonstichting De Key
Tjerk van de Braak
"As an electronic equipment consultant at Slokker Bouwgroep, among other things I am responsible...
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Slokker Bouwgroep
Jelle Spithorst
Woningcorporatie Mitros
Ron Sierink
"In EnergieLive Madame Tussauds has found a partner who delivers both substantial savings and the...
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Madame Tussauds
Joe Kammermann
"EnergieLive combined the energy procurement for the catering businesses we manage with procurement...
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Good Food Group
Ernst verhoeven
We looked at our energy contracts in the past and made sure things were well arranged. Yet I took EnergieLive...
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Montessori Scholen Amsterdam
Paul Schippers
"Urban Resort acts as an intermediary in addressing the huge supply of vacant residential and office...
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Urban Resorts
Hay Schoolmeesters
The Student Hotel
Kristian Aipassa